Community Managers

The community managers are responsible for managing and engaging with the organisations online community.

The services of community managers include the following:

  • Monitoring the success of the community and of social media in terms of the overall marketing strategy.
  • Engaging with Fans and Followers to build relationships with the community and encourage engagement.
  • Liaising with internal stakeholders to relay customer feedback insights gained from online conversations within the community.
  • Support in the main media (telegram, social networks, forums).
  • Encourage the growth of the community.
  • and more…

In holyico we have professionals with a lot of experience in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and with very good security knowledge. We can offer you the best professionals for your project.

If you are interested in community manager services or have questions, you can contact us through the contact form that you will find here below or in the next link.