Media press influencer and marketikg services

In HolyICO we offer influencer and marketing services like:

Create posts in many forums giving questions and answers to generate debates:

This action is very important since it is based on creating in different forums (related to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain) debates that allow users to know the project. These publications are kept alive generating questions and answers so that new investors can learn more about the project.

Create debates on telegram channels.

This service is very similar to the one mentioned above. It consists of generating debates in a large number of telegram channels related to the world of cryptocurrencies or the blockchain or to the project’s theme. The purpose is to generate real interest from new investors and that they can access the official telegram ICO channel to invest and be informed at all times of the evolution and status of the project.

Increase social networks at the level of followers (twitter is the best)

With the support of a community, it is easier for the project to take strength in the networks, since by implicating token holders positive publicity is obtained indirectly.
For this we will capture new users in social networks using a very specific segmentation of the type of profile we want to capture.
Make campaigns on social networks (paid)
Social networks such as Twitter co Facebook allow targeting users with specific preferences, by age groups, location and language for example. The ROI in this type of actions is very high due to the great ability to focus promotions.

Make campaigns to promote the ICO of a project.

We will launch campaigns to attract potential investors in a large number of forums specialized in cryptocurrencies. As well as in Telegram channels and through Google campaigns. This phase should start as soon as possible to capture the maximum possible public attention and generate hype in the token and the project.

Mail campaigns

Also, we have a large database of subscribed emails. We will launch campaigns promoting the launch of your ICO. We can also launch specific campaigns announcing the goals that are met in the roadmap and if all goes well even the progress to the planned dates.


If you are interested in our Marketing and social media services you can contact us through the contact form that you will find below.